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3D MDF Wall Panels
- Sep 11, 2018 -

Top-quality innovative wall panels from moisture-resistant 3D milled MDF material, is the perfect decorative solution to arrange luxurious interiors. Thanks to modern technology and perfect design, now we can have, in a fast and convenient way walls, ceilings, buildings and furniture in an interesting, remarkable style. MDF 3D decorative panels eliminate similar solutions with plaster decors. MDF 3D wall panels are resistant to moisture, lightweight, easy to install, durable and less costly than proposals of decorative slabs and plaster or resin panels. What is very important, 3D MDF decorative panels can be connected together without visible seams. Our 3D decorative panels can be easily mounted not only on traditional walls and ceilings, but also on light GK walls (plaster-board) or OSB plates.