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Advantages of grid plate construction
- Apr 03, 2018 -

A brief introduction to the advantages and construction of the grid plate:

Material saving: the way to save material under the same load condition can reduce material of supporting structure.

Reduce investment: save materials, save labour, save time and avoid cleanliness and maintenance.

The construction is simple: the bolts can be clamped on the pre installed support and can be completed by one person.

Save time: no need for on-site re processing, installation is very fast.

Durable: before galvanizing antiseptic treatment, impact resistance and stress ability.

Modern style: beautiful appearance, design specifications, ventilation and light transmission, giving people a modern sense of overall fluency.

The structure is light: light in material, light in structure, and easy to hoist.

Anti - Dirt: no rain, ice and dust.

Reduce wind resistance: because of good ventilation, strong wind and small wind resistance, reduce wind damage.

The design is simple: no need for small supporting beam, simple structure and simplified design. No need to design detail drawings of steel grate, only the type can be specified, so the manufacturer can design typesetting drawings for clients.

Excellent performance: ventilation, daylighting, heat dissipation, explosion-proof and skid resistance.