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Advantages of Plywood
- Dec 12, 2018 -

1. Because it consists of layers of wood veneer with the grain on each layer running a different direction, it is a very strong building material. Plywood is considerably stronger than some other wood-based sheet products, such as medium density fiberboard (MDF).

2. It is less susceptible to water damage than MDF. and don't soak up water and swell as quickly or easily as MDF does.

3. It's stainable, which makes it perfect for kitchen cabinets, table tops, and other projects where you want a large stained wood surface.

4. It holds screws very tightly since the varying grains of wood on each layer give the screws something to hold onto.

5. While most plywood does contain urea-formaldehyde and other VOCs, it is how possible to perchase plywood without formaldehyde.

6. Some types of plywood are useful for more intricate work such as model-making, wooden jig-saw puzzles and small boxes.

7. Plywood is suitable for a large range of applications from thick shelving to thin cladding.


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