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Application for 3D Wall Panels CNC Router
- Nov 05, 2018 -

3D Wall Panels CNC Router is widely used following:

1. Furniture making: wood wave board carving, 3d panel making, wood door cutting, wood artwork engraving, wave boards making, 3d photo engraving, small or large relief works etc. 2. Advertising industry: cutting/engraving/drilling/carving on wood, MDF, bamboo, plastic, PVC, acrylic, two colors board, metals, stone etc. 3. Artwork industry: figure engraving, character engraving and cutting, name brand making, small gift cutting, souvenirs making, Carving various decoration letters, figures on small windows, fences, wall, etc. 4. Model making: to cut materials into different shapes for models making.   5. Stamps making industry: carving on many different materials like rubber, acrylic, cattle horn, plastic, wood and ink storage materials and so on.

Lephon 3d wall panels, mdf wave board, mdf grille panels, textured wall panels, carved decorative panels are carved by CNC router which is controlled by computer. So the designs can be customized. Customer need only offer pictures to us. Our designer can make it according to the drawings.