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Easy choice of environment-friendly MDF Wave Panels
- Apr 03, 2018 -

Environmental protection paint environmental protection paint now home decoration is popular green environmental protection paint, but what is the real green environmental coating, how many people really understand it? I have been in the interior design for many years. I have been in contact with a lot of owners, many of them are outsiders, so I can only completely give the decoration to the decoration company to be responsible for the decoration of the house, and then the problem leads to a round-trip. Actually, it is necessary to know some home decoration experience before decoration, especially in the choice of paint. There are three important indicators for judging green environmental coatings. If we grasp these three points, we can easily paint the green environmental protection paint on the wall. The first point: look at the VOC content of paint. The lower the content, the more environmentally friendly the paint is. VOC, the volatile organic compound, is the abbreviation of English Volatile Or-ganic Compound, which refers to the organic compounds that can volatilize in the coating products under normal temperature and pressure.

Now, the limit of the amount of solvent in the coating is more and more strict abroad. At present, some commonly used solvents such as toluene, xylene, butanone and acetate are all restricted, and ethanol is no exception. Second point: look at the toxicity of paint solvents. Those are solvents that can cause diseases after contacting or inhaling. Benzene and methanol are poisonous solvents that you are familiar with.  Glycol ether is also a class of highly toxic solvents, which is currently strictly prohibited. Toxic solvents will cause direct harm to the production and construction personnel. You must pay attention to whether the coating components contain these solvents at a time. Third main points: user security. In general, after the paint is dry, the solvent of the paint is basically volatile, but some solvents volatilize very slowly, although the amount of these solvents is not large, but if they are exposed to toxic substances for a long time, it will also cause damage to the health of the human body. Therefore, we must see if we strictly limit the use of solvents when choosing paint.