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Elements of 3D Wall Panels Can Be Customized
- Jul 23, 2018 -


Whether you require a completely unique and different concept, or an adaption of one of our existing designs, please contact us to discuss your design ideas. We can also balance the design across the wall to enhance the llok for you and produce flat infill pieces for perimeters if required.


Although our standard foil, spray and soft finishes cover most requirements, there may be different finishes we can explore. Speak to us to discuss the finishing options available.

Sizing & Cut-outs

If you have a Sreen to incorporate into a wall, or irregular shaped walls to contend with, we can produce our panels in almost any size required. Speak to us if you have something you wish to incorporate into the wall with minimal effort.

Doors & Curves

Small details make a big difference to projects, such as incorporating discrete doors into a large wall, or applying a panel around a curved reception desk, so please get in contact with us if these are considerations.

Logos & Engraving

We incoporate cut outs for signage or engrave logos into the panels which makes sure the factory-applied finish remains intact. Please contact us to discuss how we can create your logos or messages.