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How to choose the MDF Wave Panels TV background wall
- Apr 03, 2018 -

1. How to choose the background wall of the wave board TV

(1) the decoration and decoration of the background wall often brings out the decoration style of the whole family and the cultural taste of the home owner, whether luxurious or simple. It is traditional classic or fashion avant-garde, whether it is color or shape, it can show the aesthetic taste of the people. Insiders say that if a space is white on all sides, it will feel monotonous, and the people in the space do not seem to rely on it. If a space has a side to handle a slightly heavier wall, people will feel more psychological in space. In recent years, the materials and decorations of the background wall are constantly innovating, which fully reflects the individual needs of people.

(2) different lingering charm

After 80, Luo Shucong, chief designer of the designer's building, said that in fact, the use of texture paint can create a good background wall. He had designed a living room wave plate television background wall, the wall painted light gray, with a clear texture of paint, between the middle of the vertical spaced apart, seams inlaid with wooden bars. The above smallpox hide the spotlight and the light is transmitted, and the texture of the wall is stronger. The glass sliding door on the right is a part of the background wall, and it can be opened to the outdoor garden.