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How to choose the style and color of 3D board background wall
- Apr 03, 2018 -

Home is a place for people to rest. Of course, the more comfortable, the better. Compared with other background walls, 3D panels have their own unique advantages. The appearance of this kind of 3D panel walls reflects that there is no limit to the suitability of home improvement. The materials that can be used for background wall decoration mainly include plates, wallpapers, paints, surface trims, etc. Different materials have different functional features and need to be carefully selected when purchasing.

Five points for picking a 3D board background wall

Pay attention to the dirt resistance of 3D board materials: The walls are easy to get dirty, so you must choose a professional material that is dirt-resistant and dust-proof.

Pay attention to the fire-resistance of three-dimensional board materials: The fire-retardant properties of the boards need to be strictly controlled, fail to meet the fire protection requirements, and they cannot be used.

According to the decoration style selection of materials: For the selection of background wall materials, should be selected according to style, etc., in order to create the desired environment atmosphere. In addition, it must be integrated with curtains, sofas, and beds.

The choice of 3D plate style: The selected style can have a certain pattern and texture texture. For example, a small room can use a small pattern, so that the pattern will produce different changes in light and dark due to the distance, so as to enrich the indoor expression.

Selection of three-dimensional plate color: When selecting the color of the three-dimensional plate, the characteristics that the color will have influence on human psychology and physiology should be taken into consideration. If the restaurant needs to create a pleasant dining atmosphere, yellow, red and other materials can be used. In the bedroom and other rooms, the use of blue, cyan and green materials can make people feel nervous and relax.

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