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How to Install Decorative MDF Sreen Panels?
- Oct 12, 2018 -

Things needed:

  1. MDF Screening Panels

  2. Saw

  3. Wood Glue

  4. Measuring Tape

  5. Paint or Paint Spray

  6. Paint Roller


  1. For unfinished MDF Screen Panels. They need some sanding.

  2. Measure the inside of the cabinet or opening where lattices will be inserted

  3. Make sure cabinets have a frame to attached and conceal panels

  4. You must prime the panel before painting

  5. When painting the MDF Screen Panels, it is recommended to use a roller or spray paint. Using a paint brush is more difficult and tends to cause brush marks.

  6. The MDF Screen Panels must be painted on both sides, if desired, for the have smooth surfaces.

Install: once finished, MDF Screen Panels can be glued on or nailed to Cabinet Wall.