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How to solve the problem of deformation of steel grid plate on the way
- Apr 03, 2018 -

Sometimes, when the manufacturer sends the processed steel grille products to the customer, the customer reacts with the shape of the steel grid plate and the size of the customer's requirements and the size, or even the serious deformation. So the customer will think that the quality of the manufacturer's products is poor, and the manufacturers don't have credibility. They can't deal with customers' bad ideas with inferior products. If manufacturers want to cooperate with customers for the next time, they will be more difficult. In fact, the deformation of the steel grid plate, in addition to some problems in the production link, there are some other reasons, such as the uneven stability of the road in the transit, resulting in the steel grille plate to be squeezed, impact and other problems. Then how to solve the problem of deformation of steel grille plate?

First of all, in the production link, we should pay attention to the phenomenon that the steel lattice plate will be deformed when hot galvanizing, and if the steel grid plate is welded and has strong internal stress after welding, the serious deformation will occur. How does the internal force come into being? That is to say from the flat steel, if the flat steel shows a curved state of bending, in the welding, the flat steel is not straightened, but the flat steel is placed directly on the mold, and the surface looks straight. In fact, the steel plate has a strong internal stress. If the strong external force is added, the internal stress is shown and the shape is on the surface. It turns into a horizontal bow. Therefore, when welding the steel grid, we should straighten the flat steel before welding. The next is the placement of steel lattice plates after galvanizing. After plating zinc, the steel grid base should be placed at least three, one at each end and one in the middle. It must not be placed only at both ends and in the middle, so that if the steel plate above the pressure will cause the middle part to be deformed, it is necessary to keep the whole steel plate on the same level. Third is to pay attention in the transport link: when loading the car, the steel grid plate must be leveled to make it even. In the course of transportation, it is necessary to maintain a smooth speed. Suddenly, the speed will be added and reduced, and the steel lattice board will be collided. When the goods are unloaded, it should be carried lightly. By doing so, we can solve the problem of deformation on the grid.