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MDF Wall Panel VS PVC 3D Wall Panel
- Aug 17, 2018 -

MDF Wall Panel and PVC 3D Wall Panel are common 3d wall patterns in appearance, however, they are two different type of materials:

Thickness: the most popular MDF for 3d carving is 15mm in thickness; for PVC 3d wall panel, the thickness is around 1mm, and the embossed thickness is around 25mm.

3D effect: PVC 3d wall panel has a thicker overall height of 25mm, it has a better 3d effect than  MDF wall panel, which the carving depth is around 12mm at most.

Solid or Empty: according to the thickness information, it is easy to understand that MDF wall panel is solid, while PVC 3d wall panel is empty at the back, it is just a embossed skin, most of the people prefer the solid items.

Weight: for MDF wall panel, the weight is around 10Kgs per square meter, which is much heavier than PVC 3d wall panel ( around 1.2 Kgs per square meter)

Delivery: The stander size of MDF wall panel is 1220*2440mm and it is around 29 kgs per panel, PVC 3d wall panel is smaller and lighter and it is easier to delivery.

Installation: PVC 3D wall panel is a easy DIY wall panel, you just need to glue and stick on wall then finished, while the installation of MDF wall panel is much more complicated than PVC panel, it need a plywood base.