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Now the decoration wall is the most environmentally friendly material
- Apr 03, 2018 -

The decoration methods of walls are various, and the decoration effect is very similar. What is the most environmentally friendly decoration?

1, environmental protection, formaldehyde content 0.1mg/L, national E0 level is less than 0.5mg/L. That is, formaldehyde content on the wall is the most environmental standard in the country, which is 5 times smaller. (commonly known as 0 formaldehyde)

2, waterproof, water absorption is less than 0.8%.

3, fire protection, national engineering level B1 level.

4, collision avoidance, shore hardness (HD) 70.

5. The content of lead and benzene, 0.

Next, introduce the different wall decoration materials, environmental analysis:

Wall surface decoration method an integrated wall

The bamboo wood fiber integrated wall is made of bamboo powder, wood powder, calcium powder and PVC material through the polymer interface chemical principle and plastic filling modification, which is made by extrusion process. The whole process of production does not contain any glue composition, which completely avoids the harm to the human body in the material due to the release of formaldehyde. The environmental protection material has no harm to the human body. No formaldehyde, no radioactive harm, no smell.

Two wall finish of wall decoration

The main component of the paint is a special pungent odor, and contains benzene and benzene, which are toxic to human body and have great harm to human body. Benzene compounds have been identified as strong carcinogens by WHO. When a person absorbs a high concentration of toluene and xylene in a short time, the symptoms of the central nervous system will appear, with light dizziness, headache, nausea, chest tightness, weakness, and blurred consciousness, and a serious coma, resulting in death of respiratory and circulatory failure. Benzene mainly stimulates the skin, eyes and upper respiratory tract. It often contacts benzene, and the skin can become dry and desquamated due to degreasing and some allergic eczema.

Wall decoration three wallpaper

Ordinary wallpaper may contain formaldehyde, single weight metal content, vinyl chloride and so on. These will do harm to human nerves, viscera and skin, especially to children.

Wall decoration four cultural stone

Ecological stone is the reproduction of the marble texture, not only the color and texture of natural stone, but also 2~3 times lower than that of the traditional stone and other building decoration materials. It can effectively reduce the load carrying capacity of the overall structure of the house, and it is more safe. As we all know, the natural marble is radiant, and one of the raw materials for the integrated wall of ecological stone is the natural marble stone powder, which will also radiate in varying degrees.

Wall decoration five ceramic tiles

Ceramic tile is relatively environmentally friendly decoration material, but it has radioactivity. Its "radioactivity" is divided into two kinds, one is natural radionuclide, it is widely distributed in all circles of the earth, and the other is artificial radiation, which exists in our living environment.

Six paint for wall decoration

Most solvents and organic solvents contain benzene and its compounds. Benzene is a colorless liquid with special aromatic odor, so experts call it "aroma killer".

Wall decoration seven eco wood

Eco wood using PVC foam technology to complete the composite material, is a low carbon and environmentally friendly material encouraged by the state. However, due to the problem of wood, some woody materials may be poisonous and odour, including paint, nail and planing.

From the above contrast, we can see that the integrated wall is a new type of most environment-friendly wall decoration material. The second is the cultural stone and the ecological wood. You can choose your own wall decoration materials according to your preferences.