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Painting of Sculpted 3D Wall Panels
- Aug 28, 2018 -

3d wall wave panels are sold as a rought cut and unfinished unless is asked for priming/undercoating.
Rough boards are already very smooth and is enough just to clean dust with still wool prior to undercoating.
Best results are achived if you spray good quolity primer/undercoat with airless paint gun, aldough very good result is achived with compressor and 2.5mm gravity gun.
You need at least 2 coats of Morrells or Symphony paint.After first coat, rub down board with 120 grit sand paper or still wool,and then spray another coat.
If you looking for high gloss you may need another few coats.
You can apply 2 base coats after that and top laquer coat if nessesery.