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Tips on Installing 3D Wall Panels on Wall
- Aug 22, 2018 -

There is no need for you to actually do any work before you buy the 3d panels. It is necessary for you to decide only to choose the place where you want to install these panels. You only need to ensure that the wall where you are planning to install them is smooth as well as flat. If it is not try to make it that way. You can ignore some small defects as you can use metal lath in these places to install the panes.

It is good to put the panels in a horizontal flat surface as well as assemble and also see how they need to be on the wall. It is good to choose such 3d wall panels that have got some installing slots if you are planning to install the panels by yourself and do that as per the design that you have got one by one with care. If the wall is really very smooth then you can make use of flue for installing the panels on it.

Lephon 3d wall panels - 221.jpg