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Types of Indoor Wall Cladding
- Jul 06, 2018 -

Cladding is a vital aspect of your building construction. You must choose the best material for cladding to produce the most aesthetic, efficient and comfortable impact.

From ordinary wood panels to 3D wall panels, there is a lot of choice. The following are the major types of indoor wall cladding materials available in the market:

  • Vinyl cladding: This is the most popular cladding type in the U.S. It is used in majority of homes as it provides enough protection and is also an affordable option for many. But it is not regarded as good in quality as other cladding material like wood.

  • Aluminium cladding: In comparison to Vinyl, aluminium cladding is much costlier. But this material is much moredurable and long lasting. Thus it is subject to less replacement and gives stronger cladding. It is popular for special rooms like basement and storage.

  • Wooden cladding: It is a much more highly rated cladding than other types and stronger than aluminium and vinyl. But it is much preferred for aesthetic reasons as it has an attractive finish. This cladding is made mainly of redwood or cedar. It is expensive to install as well as maintain.

  • Fibre cement cladding: This material is a popular alternative for reasons of strength and beauty. It is strong and resembles the finish of wood. Another perk is that it is easier and less expensive to install. These wall cladding panels are also zero maintenance.

  • Brick cladding: This cladding will provide a lovely decorative look indoors. But it is difficult to install and is quite expensive. Usually people who don’t like wood prefer to use bricks. Though it is costly, brick cladding is pretty durable.

  • Stone cladding: As opposed to brick cladding, stone cladding is regarded as more natural and fresh. It is very popular to use in bathrooms, living rooms, indoor gardens as well as other rooms. It is quite durable but it is very expensive to install.

  • Laminate cladding: This cladding is superior to other types. Most popular for wet regions like bathrooms, it is tough and does not fade or chip. It is also cheaper than other types.

  • Steel cladding: It is suitable for both interior and exterior wall cladding panels.

These are the major types of wall cladding.

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