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Wavy Wall Panels

Wavy Wall Panels

Wavy Wall Panels Wavy Wall Panels (also be named as: Engraved MDF boards, MDF Wave Boards, MDF Fun Boards, MDF carved panel) is made of medium density fibreboard (MDF) and can be painted any color you like. All of Lephon wave board are characterized to be of top quality, fashionable,...

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Product Details

Wavy Wall Panels

Wavy Wall Panels (also be named as: Engraved MDF boards, MDF Wave Boards, MDF Fun Boards, MDF carved panel) is made of medium density fibreboard (MDF) and can be painted any color you like. All of Lephon wave board are characterized to be of  top quality, fashionable, newly-looking, warp defence, color unfading, moisture proof and easy installation. For its elegant and strongly 3D effect, suitable for all types of interior design concepts achieving your utmost preference, it is the new building material concept and widely used for wall and ceiling decoration in hotel, entertainment place, shop, living room, bed room etc.


Product Description


Core Material

MDF – Medium Density   Fiberboard/HDF


PU painting with different   colors


1220x2440mm, or customized


12mm,15mm,18mm, 21mm, 25mm

MDF Density

680kg/cubic   meter~830kg/cubic meter

Back Finish

Melamine paper

Fireproof Grade

GB8624 02006 B, A

Eco-friendly Grade

E0, E1


About 25 kgs/pc.

Load Quantity

20GP: 400 pcs.,   40GP: 800 pcs. (for 15mm thk)



Lead time

About 10 days, or   based on order quantity


In horizontal position in order   to avoid deformations


Physical and Mechanical Properties:

Internal bonding strength

0.75   Mpa

Static bending strength

36.3   Mpa

Bending modulus

3420   Mpa

Thickness swelling


Resistance to screw withdrawal (board   side)

950   N

Resistance to screw withdrawal (board   surface)

1670 N

Moisture content



776   kgs/m³

Board density deviarion

+7%  / -1.3%

Water Absorption

6-8%  without exterior coating

2% when exterior coating is applied


Production Process:




Attractive appearance, new patterns, vivid texture, strong stereo sense, present a noble, elegant and comfortable feeling to people. Anti-flaming, moisture resistance, not-cracking, anti-aging, easy to clean and long service life.



Decoration engineering (hotel, lobby, restaurant, commercial space, office room, meeting room). Home Decoration (Door panel for kitchen cabinet and bedroom wardrobe, background wall and other kinds of furniture.




The installation of Lephon 3D Wall Panels is exactly the same as other wooden panels; they can be glued directly to the wall or screwed onto the wall. If using screws to attach the panels to the wall, a putty should be used to cover the screw heads. As such, we always recommend gluing the panels to the wall with contact or assembly adhesive as a first option.


Package & Shipment:


Lephon Factory:

Lephon factory have been specialized in designing and manufacturing of 3d wall panels for more than 10 years. Most of Lephon staff are very professional at carving, polishing, painting. Lephon's MDF Wave Boards & Decorative Grille Panels have always been made by 3 times hand-polishing, and painting. Through several times hand-made rough grinding, fine grinding, primer coating & finish coating, Lephon always offer best quality and service to every customers.




Q: What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

There is no MOQ. Whatever how many pieces you need, we will offer you our best price with high quality products and excellent service.


Q: What is the lead time?

Normally, for a 20' container (about 400 pcs.), our lead time is about 25 days. For LCL order, usually about 10 days.


Q: How weight of Lephon panels?

Wave board: about 7-9 kgs./㎡

Grille panel: about 6-8 kgs./㎡

Q: Container Capacity

20’container: about 400 pcs. (15mm thickness)

40’container: about 900 pcs. (15mm thickness)

Q. What is "seamless" pattern flow and how is this accomplished?

The panels are computer designed so that the pattern flows from one panel to another. To make them "seamless" is a process that makes the lines between two panels disappear so that it looks like one solid wall with no breaks. To make wall of panels seamless, this requires the application of a filler type material in the joints where two panels meet. The filler is allowed to dry and then sanded by hand so the filler blends with the material and the lines disappear. It requires a bit of labor in sanding, but not anymore difficult than installing drywall.


Q. What is the best method to paint the panels? 

The best method is to spray and the second best is to use a roller.


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