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3D Wall Wave Panels
- Aug 30, 2018 -

3D Wall Wave Panels are made in most cases from Medium Density Fibreboard. The surface after machining stays smooth and ready for paint. MDF usualy tends to bend slightly due to pressure from bottom layer of material. After manufacturing surface tensions stay in top and botom layer and their sum are zero and board stays straight. After removal of the one layer tensions in remaining oposite layer are relised and board becomes slightly bended.

For the fixing to the wall there is no problem, because panel is flexy and easy becomes flat again once fixed to the wall. However if you using 3d wave panels for furniture doors there are few different solutions to make doors straight. One is to make it from melamine boards, and other is to make small grooves with router or saw at the back, and then cover it with melamine or 3mm MDF sheet.