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Benefits Of Using 3D Wall Panels In Your Spaces
- Jan 25, 2019 -

Lephon 3D Wall Panels are made of MDF, which offers flexinility regarding designs, textures, and patterns, and melamine which allows for high impact prints and innovative wall decor.

Lelpon MDF 3D Wall Panels give an extra dimension and creative element to a plain and boring room.

Lephon Textured Wall Panels bring your walls to life with modern contemporary textured wall designs.

Lephon Decorative 3D Boards are pefect for accent walls and used for residential & commercial interior wall treatments.

Lephon 3D Decorative Panels are eco-friendly and are easy to apply.

Lepon 3D Wall Panels' point is to restore the original high-precision, the use of light perspective effect, showing a three-dimensional realistic effect, giving visual shock, and creat a multi-dimensional space.

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