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Carved Decorative MDF Grille Panels For Room Divider, Partition
- Jun 13, 2018 -

Lephon's MDF Textured Grille Panels combine the patterns of carving, engraved into the surface of MDF Board (Mideium-Density Fiberboard). 

Grille Panels offer awesome room dividers which are created specially for mordern and contermporary interiors. Not limited for use as just dividers, carved grille panels are good altanative to be installed as feature and general ceilling, backlit ceilling or walls, deco lattice on windows or glass panels and mirror backed feature wall.

Lephon Decor enjoys hundreds of grille pattern used for:

Windows, Interior Doors, Sliding Panels, Bifolds, Screens, Dividers, Transoms, Wall and Ceiling Panels,Headboards, Decorative Wall Hangings, Mirrors, and so on.