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Hotel/Home/Furniture Decorative Wave MDF 3D Wall Panels
- Jun 09, 2018 -

Lephon MDF 3D Wall Panels aren't really just for walls. They are for all types of interior surfaces.

Lephon Textured 3D Wall Panels can be used to enhance the design of furniture, ceillings, cabinets, drawer fronts, and doors. With three dimentional collections of a wide variety of patterns to choose, you will find just the right texture your project.

All of Lephon MDF Wave Panels are available in raw MDF/ paint grade finish to be finished outside, or pressed in any of our beautiful finish opyions.

With a selection of MDF Wave Panels, 3D Wall Panels, Decorative Grille Panels, and more, we're sure we have everything you need to turn your walls into an extravagant works of art.

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