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How To Easily Install The Grid Plate
- Apr 03, 2018 -

Because of its good light transmission, light material and convenient installation, grille plate is becoming more and more popular in various industries.

With the development of modern construction, the use of grid board is more and more widely used. It is mainly used in oil development, chemical enterprises, all large building braces and ornaments, as well as garden buildings like enclosure, etc.

According to the characteristics of grille, it is concluded that there are two ways to install grid plates.

1. Install it in the way of welding fixed. This way of installation is mainly used in places where permanent fixation is not necessary and often not be demolished, such as platform.  During welding and installation, every corner of the grille plate should be welded to each flat steel and the weld can be more than 20mm, and the welding angle is greater than 3mm.

2, the installation fixture has the advantages of not destroying the zinc layer and convenient disassembly. This method is suitable for various series of steel grid plates. This installation method is more convenient to disassemble. According to the requirement, there are at least four sets of mounting clamps for each grid plate.