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How To Select Room Grille Dividers?
- Jan 07, 2019 -

Many friends will be worried about the size of the living room in their home, too large living room will appear empty and lack of popularity. Grille Partition Panels are the best way to deal with this problem. They can effectively separate the living room, showing different levels of space. And the various kinds of patterns and shapes of grille partitions can play a good decorative effect on the living room.

Following is the some techniques to select grille partition panels:

1. Grille partitions should be mainly permeable. So wooden materials grille partitions are better choice.

2. Light should be bright rather than dark.

3. The interval should be moderate, not be too high or too low. Usually about two meters is better.

4. To keep clean and refreshing, and also beautify the room.

Lephon MDF Grille Partition Panels have many various designs, patterns, size, and colors, which can meet your multiple needs. Lephon also provide customized demands.

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