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How To Use 3D Wall Panels In Living Room?
- Jan 02, 2019 -

Living Room is a place where people treat with customers and family to enjoy leisure time. Generally speaking, everyone will spend a very long time in the living room. So when decorating, the decoration of living room is very worthy of attention.

The variety of living room wall decoration materials is very rich, which make living room's environment more beautiful.

Lephon 3D Wall Panels can be used in living room which make your room more rich and varied, give stereoscopic feeling to catch visitors' eyes.

Lephon MDF Wave Board can be used as the TV background, sofa background, dining room background, and so on. While MDF Grille Panels can be used as the partition, room divider to give people a more spacious feeling. And can also used on the lighting.

textured wall board

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