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Several Ways To Install 3D MDF Wave Boards
- Jan 11, 2019 -

Because of its various and fashionable shapes, aging resistance and long use time, 3D MDF Wave Board is widely used in clubsm resorts, shopping malls and villas. It can make the room look particularly luxurious.

While many customers don't know how to install them. Following is several ways to introduce briefly how to install 3d mdf wave board.

Method 1: Firstly make a small hole on board, put wooden shell on the wall, then nail the board onto the wooden shell through the hole.

Method 2: Firstly fix the wooden frame onto the wall, then fix the MDF wave boards onto wooden frame.

Method 3: Firstly fix the 3d wave boards finish and back by wooden frame, then fix all onto the decoration place.

Method 4: Firstly drill hole on ground, then deepen the hole by electric hammer, then fix the wooden shell. On MDF Grille Board, drill a hole, then nail the board onto wood shell to be fixed.

Method 5: Fix the boards by glue directly to the decoration place. or using this method as an auxiliary method to fit the boards. 

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