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The Unique Advantages Of 3D Wall Panels
- Apr 03, 2018 -

3D board, 3D board is a new type of indoor and outdoor wall three-dimensional decorative board. Stylish and simple design, real three-dimensional effect, single-piece free combination, random match to spell out different patterns and styles, three-dimensional board can be colored, with more flexible decorative design and better decorative art effects.

The three-dimensional board has one generation and two generations, and the generation is called plant fiber. The second generation is called the new polymer environmental protection material three-dimensional board to overcome the shortcomings of a generation of paper board, using environmentally friendly composite materials, can be used outdoors, fire retardant, washable, can be natural Use, can also be DIY color, three-dimensional effect (relief height plane to 60MM or so), easy to cut, easy to install, different single combination to achieve personalized DIY effect, there are many kinds of traditional decorative plates, the most common is Aluminium plastic board, fire board, wood board and so on.

In the wall decoration, traditional ceramic tiles and insulation materials have not reached the aesthetic standards of people. People need some fashionable decoration, and intelligence and diversification have become new highlights for companies to pursue the market. So Fuxi people took the lead in applying Aerospace ACM materials to indoor and outdoor walls, using a special process ACM formula heat hardening molding, so that the three-dimensional plate has a very strong rigidity, the substrate of the three-dimensional plate is injected with ultraviolet fluorocarbon paint and surface deal with. The production adopts computerized automatic control technology to increase production efficiency and other methods to reduce production costs. It has introduced a new type of relief ACM three-dimensional plate with excellent quality and stable price.

The quick 3D board 3D board background wall can be combined to suit the present 21st century crowd, because the young people pursue individuality and freedom and like to be different. More and more people like to decorate their current background with more of their own characteristics, and now the background wall plays a very important role in the entire renovation. Become the focus of the entire home improvement. The good or bad of the background wall has directly affected our present life, and has also brought about more beautiful changes in our lives.

Because the original white wall with the original decoration has changed, the background wall has gained more attention. The wall is not only a decoration, but also plays a very important role in the entire home improvement. Can make your home decoration look more artistic and beautiful, we can choose according to their own preferences fit the overall style of the decoration, and to meet their own needs of a wall to make the decoration more ornamental.

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