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Tips For Buying 3D Board Walls
- Apr 03, 2018 -

The 3D board background wall is a new type of material. Many customers have such a question when they are purchasing: How to buy a 3D board wall? Here are some tips for choosing a 3D board background wall:

Tip 1: Look

When the network is purchased, see if the manufacturer has a qualification certificate to understand whether the manufacturer has any asset strength. Because three-dimensional board has two certificates is very important, the first is related to environmental protection certificate, the second is the fire rating certificate. If manufacturers upload such certificates on the official website, they are still trustworthy.

Tip Two: Ask

The so-called question is to ask related customer service questions about the 3D board. For example, life, delivery, color deviation, and whether the package installation and so on. Ask questions that you do not understand in detail and avoid any disputes.

Tip 3: Cut

The so-called cut is to ask the best manufacturers to send samples, take a look at the color of the product, the product is the thickness of the incision is neat and whether there is deformation and so on. In general, a good quality 3D plate has bright colors, uniform color, no noise, neat cuts, and a certain thickness.

Therefore, online purchase of 3D boards is a kind of learning. Remember to ask more questions, think more, and look more before buying.