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What Is NC Painting?
- Feb 11, 2019 -

Lephon 3D Wall Panels can be painted to any colors to meet different customer's requests. Many customers know MDF 3D Wall Panels will go through several times primed painting and finish painting. After several spraying, the panels will achieve best effects and quality when entering to customers' hand. But do you know what kind of painting we used for primed painting?

Lephon MDF 3D Wall Panels' primed painting use NC painting.

NC is the abbreviation of Nitrocellulose painting, which belongs to drying paint. It can be constructed once the main agent and diluent be adjusted according to a certain proportion. NC painting have good decoration, simple construction, rapid drying, low requirements for painting environment, good hardness, brightness, and can be repaired. It is popularly used in painting wood products.