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What Is PU Painting?
- Feb 15, 2019 -

After several times polishing by hand and NC primed painting, Lephon 3D Wall Panels' surface will be finally sprayed by PU painting. The the decorative 3d wall panels can be directly used onto the wall, ceiling, cabinet, etc. Last time, we have introduced NC painting. Do you know what is PU painting?

PU, the abbreviations of Polyurethane painting. Its film-forming mode is natural film-forming without special technology. 

Currently, PU painting is the highest-grade decorative wood paint. PU painting's hardness is good, scratching with a coin generally do not scratch. And PU painting's film have strong adhesion and good durability.

PU painting's luster uniformity, which can show the texture and color of the wood. It is widely used in industry and construction at present, so it have mature technology and many color systems, which can easily meet the requirements of spraying.