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What Is The Difference Between PU & NC Painting?
- Feb 18, 2019 -

Wooden products are usually coated by varieties of paint. Wood coatings currently on the market are mainly NC, PU. Lephon 3D Wall Panels' primed painting is sprayed by NC painting, while surface is sprayed by PU painting. Following will introduce the difference between PU and NC painting:

1. Environmental Protection

NC painting is relatively poor than PU paint in eco-friendness. NC paint is easy to turn yellow. While the fullness and high gloss of PU paint will be better.

2. Hardness

NC paint is lacquer, PU is polyester paint. The hardness of NC paint is lower than PU paint. 

3. Refurbishment repair

NC paint can be repaired, while the PU film is beyond repair.

4. Coating Costs

PU paint is much more expensive than NC paint.

5. Construction Environment

NC wood convenient quick construction, paint drying speed is fast, while PU wood construction has more requirements.