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What Materials Do 3D Boards Have?
- Apr 03, 2018 -

From the application scope, different 3D boards can be divided from "material" and "installation method". Specifically, materials, can be divided into plastics, metals (separable iron and aluminum); according to the installation method, can be divided into paste type, buckle plate type, self-service type.

“Plastics”: From a large perspective, most of the 3D boards currently used in the market are made of plastic materials. Although they are still called in several different ways, they are even well titled, such as “high scores”. , "Engineering plastics", "PC alloys" and so on, in general belong to the plastics category. “Polymer” is a very general term. From the aspect of 3D board, it refers to polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which is a common material in our lives, such as wire troughs and plastic water pipes. Its advantage is that it has a flame retardant performance of day fire, easy production and processing, and a high cost performance, so the three-dimensional plate made of this material is often used in interior decoration, brand chain stores, stores, KTV entertainment places, because of its common materials, Also used in small batches for Bao outdoor; "engineering plastics" (ABS), as a plastic with better performance, is superior to polymer in high temperature resistance and impact resistance, but it is not easy to process and the surface effect is not Good, itself is not flame-retardant, basically this material made of three-dimensional board is outside the scope of application, as the use of the door buckle; "PC alloy" is actually a piece of plastic, is to add a small amount in the ABS (usually Below 30% PC, to further improve the material's performance, this kind of material 3D board application scope is also used for outdoor use of buckle plate type.

The material of the metal 3D plate is classified into iron and aluminum. The iron is generally stamped and formed with a thickness of 1 mm or less. This type of material does not have many types of three-dimensional plates, is inexpensive, easy to rust, and is of general quality. A few calls are used on the front or outside walls of small shops. Aluminum three-dimensional plates, are generally tailor-made special-shaped products, strictly speaking, before the emergence of three-dimensional plate, there are aluminum decorative materials for a variety of products, most of which are in the form of punching gussets, For the exterior of the building. The appearance of three-dimensional plates has greatly enriched the varieties of these products. Because aluminum is soft and does not rust, its material thickness is generally more than 1 mm. The product is very texture, so the application of aluminum three-dimensional plate is In some large engineering projects.

In terms of installation methods, the application scope of different three-dimensional boards is also different: flat-tie operation is easy, there are price advantages, and many times are for indoor use, or flatness is good, outdoor area is not large; buckle plate 3D board, from On the installation side, it is difficult to flatten the paste. The difficulty here is referring to fixing the keel to the frame. For professional construction workers, as long as the size is calculated first, the operation is very simple. When the equipment is installed, everyone can safely perform it. This method is suitable for high-altitude operations. Therefore, the buckle plate type 3D plates are almost always used outdoors, such as door-to-door shop tricks, outdoor curtain walls; self-service 3D panels, referring to production. Manufacturers, in the product back a good special adhesive, consumers buy the product, tear off the release paper, completely self-adhesive. Subaru Plastic Products Factory has deep research in this area and is also equipped with a protective backing film that protects the wall from pollution and enhances the firmness of the product so that consumers can enjoy DIY. Therefore, self-help The application scope of the 3D plate is mainly reflected in the younger generation, or improvised consumers who prefer home decoration. In general, depending on the installation method, the application scope of the three-dimensional board is as follows: the indoor flat is mainly affixed to the main floor, and the outdoor mainstay is the main gusset, and the self-service is mainly improvised.