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What Types Of 3D Wall Panels You Can Have For Adoring The Interior? --2
- Jan 21, 2019 -

Except Gypsum 3D Panels, Wood 3D Panels, MDF 3D Panels, following is some other 3D Wall Panels we can choose.

Leather 3D Panels: These panels are made from leather, which price is relatively high. But they give you looks of luxury, enhance the royal elegance.

Bamboo 3D Panels: These panels are made of bamboo plant fibers, which are totally eco-friendly and very light. Can bring in a piece of nature to your home.

Fabric 3D Panels: These panels outside are covered by fabric, which are mainly used for interior decoration of offices, luxury restaurants, casino and night clubs, etc.

PVC 3D Panels: These panels are made from PVC. They are very light, and easy installation, which can be glued to the wall. 

Class 3D Panels: These panels are made from toughened glass. They are a costly wall paneling option.

Metal 3D Panels: These panels are also costly, which can creating a special ambiance by combining metallic glint with lighting. They can also be used in living room and office as well.

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