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Where CNC Engraving Machine Can Be Used?
- Feb 08, 2019 -

CNC engraving machine usually can be used in following industry field:

Woodworking Industry: solid wave board processing, cabinet doors, craft wooden doors, paint-free doors, screens, craft windows processing furniture products miling carving.

Mold Industry: It can carve various relief, shadow carving, penetration carving, plane carving, cutting, washing and other effects.

Advertising Sculpture: advertising signs, PVC boards, flon boards, dichroic boards, logo making, acrylic cutting, suction moulding, large-character cutting, sign making, cutting PVC, crystal board, acrylic, LED/neon groove, suction lamp box mould making.

Stone Carving: natural marble, granite, artificial stone, tombstone, milestone, ceramic tile, glass and other materials of three-dimensional relief and line carving, cutting, inverted, drilling two-dimensional carving.

Handicraft Industry: can be used in wood, bamboo, artificial marble, organic boards, dichroic boards, crystals and other materials on a variety of exquisite patterns and text sculpture.