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Wide Application Of Decorative Mdf Grilles
- Apr 03, 2018 -

The grid plate manufacturers are widely used in the fields of petrochemical, power plants, water plants, sewage treatment plants, municipal engineering and sanitation engineering, such as platforms, aisles, Zhanqiao, furrow covers, well covers, ladders, fences, guardrails and so on. The grille plate is also called the steel grid plate, which is arranged by a certain distance between the load flat and the horizontal bar, and is welded on the high voltage resistance welding machine to form the original plate. It is processed by the cutting, cutting, opening, edge and other processes to become the finished product of the customer's request. Its characteristics are: high strength, light structure: strong mesh pressure welding structure makes it high bearing, light structure, easy to hoisting and so on; beautiful appearance, durable: hot dip zinc surface treatment makes it have good anticorrosion ability, beautiful surface gloss, ventilation, light, heat dissipation, anti slip, anti skid performance; anti fouling.

The locking grid plate, at each intersection bearing the flat steel and the crossbar, is pressed into the bearing flat steel that carries the flat steel or the pre open slot by pressure, and the fixed grid plate is called the lock grid plate. Flat steel is usually used in the cross bar of locking steel plate.

The 1 grid plate can be processed into various sizes and shapes according to users' needs.

2 the distance between the flat steel and the cross bar can be determined by the supplier and the supplier according to the design requirements.

3 at the end of the load-bearing flat steel, it is generally used to edge the flat steel with the same size as the flat steel. It can be used as a type steel or directly with the kicking board, but the section area of the edge plate should not be less than the cross section of the flat steel.

4 in accordance with the demand of the buyer, no delivery can be made.

5 the single side fillet welding with high welding height is not less than the thickness of the carrying flat steel. The length of the welding seam shall not be less than 4 times the thickness of the carrying flat steel.